Groups & Workshops

Research has overwhelmingly shown that involvement in a healing community has a huge impact on people's progress. I have witnessed the same dynamic in my practice, which motivated me to create these ongoing groups. Enrollment is rolling so please contact me for more information or to sign up. 

Freedom Series : A Process of Liberation 

6 Part Intermediate Curriculum 

This class will outline my framework for healing and transformation, offer some tools and strategies for how to think about the big things that come up--missed developmental needs, negative patterns, boundaries, and triggers. Then, I will spend a bit of time on each of the 5 levels of existence---spirit, physical, cognitive, behavioral, emotional and give you ways to sense when those are blocked and support them when they are.  I will also offer resources for intuitive decision making and how to stay in closer contact with your intuitive truth. There will additionally be a focus on intimate connection with self, others and expression in the outside world. We will learn together how to identify and deal with triggers as to liberate from the hold of past negative experiences, trauma, memories, etc. The classes will include movement, psychoeducation, writing, interpersonal exploration, group experientials, and some art. 

It's $60 a class for a total of $360.

The group will be held on either the Saturday or Sunday morning of the second weekend of the month, from 9:30-12:00 and then you will have the opportunity to do an individual session with me as well that weekend or do you monthly session remotely during the other weeks of the month. 

To book an appointment during one of my visiting weekends: https://squareup.com/appointments/book/CNHF44B29N827/kendra-bloom-seattle-wa