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The intention of my work is support for my clients to thrive in their lives. My approach combines positive psychology with modern neuroscience, physical therapies, and holistic healing arts.  

I offer embodiment education, somatic coaching, and intuitive practices to support wholeness and well-being at every level—body, mind, soul.

This modality can be particularly useful for anxiety, stressful or shifting life circumstances, trauma and PTSD, emotion regulation, behavior change, depression, grief/loss, relational challenges, and health issues.  

Common outcomes include:

  • More positive connection to one's self and the larger world

  • Improved relationships and communication

  • Experience of more ease in daily life and through life’s changes

  • Freedom from suffering with pain and difficult emotions

The mind-body connection is a transformative tool for change.  Here we can cultivate the innate, but untapped, resources that already exist within you and empower your desired experience. 

 To ensure sustainable change, we will build your capacity to problem solve and use these self-directed interventions.

**Please note that I have relocated to California and I will love to receive you there!


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