Capacity Building Consultation

I come to this with over 15 years of experience working in academic and professional settings to understand and integrate multidisciplinary approaches to affecting positive change with individuals and social groups. I have engaged a diverse range of research opportunities and practical training to access the most effective and efficient means for transformation. My work—with organizations and clinically—has been largely focused on developing programmatic curricula to achieve desired deliverables through actionable interventions.  Specifically,  I have specialized in constructing innovative approaches to integrative health and wellness outcomes in the most holistic sense, from social equity to a large-scale chronic pain program.

By combining evidence-based practices with creative methodologies and interdisciplinary theories of change, my efforts endorse efficient, enjoyable, sustainable, and replicable goal attainment. My affinity for both written and verbal communication has led me to develop dynamic dissemination materials and publicly present programmatic insights across diverse audiences. 

I have served capacity-building efforts within academic institutions, research groups, community organizations, clinical work, and the healthcare field. I am excited and invested in opportunities to operationalize strategic change with impact at the micro and macro level. 

My focus in consultation is to assess the existing and needed resources, distill and prioritize goals, and build the capacity of the individual or organization to meet the demands of current and future situations through innovative programs, relationships, and leadership. As a coach I am available to provide strategic support in targeted areas aimed at optimizing an individual or team to operate at their full potential, creative problem-solving, and initiating inter/intra-personal health that yeilds profit at multiple levels.