How it Works

When we enter the world our body-mind is in many ways a blank canvas, then it continues making meaning based on lived experience. As we learn to negotiate life, some behaviors or feelings are supported by our environment, while others may be dissuaded. In trying to help us survive the world moving forward, our brain is inclined to continue reacting with these same early approaches despite the changing scenery.

Just as some of our individual patterns can be outmoded, the same is true on a broader level in terms of how our systems are responding to a rapidly changing external reality. This approach is conscious of the evolutionary moment as humans learn to negotiate stress and survival in a changing environment with the same primal wiring. 

While some aspects of our thought, feeling, and behavior patterns may really serve us, others may not. By working on all the levels of being (e.g. physical, emotional, cognitive, etc)  to understand these patterns we can more accurately access what is authentic versus a reactive habit. In mindfulness we are able to rewire and rework these aspects of self to better serve wholeness and encourage you to thrive. 

Why the Body?

The body and mind are are intimately and inseparably connected through our nervous system, senses, and lived experience. Addressing the neurobiological system directly is the most innovative tool for behavior change. 

Rather than talking about something, we can experience something. For example, rather than just talking about your desire to be more relaxed, you can have the experience of being relaxed and then return to it out of session.

We shift rather than reinscribe old pain stories by integrating the felt-sense components of whatever is causing stress or discomfort. 

By engaging creativity, movement, nervous system regulation mindfulness and physical adjustments we enliven the system's natural healing capacity.





Just like the tree above or these bubbles below, the brain and nervous system are self-replicating patterns that reflect themselves cumulatively over time (e.g. neurons that fire together wire together). This can lead to a build up of maladaptive behaviors or beliefs that aggregate to block the flow of energy through your body, psyche, and life. It can also lead to things like chronic pain, anxiety, or depression when left unchecked. With some attention the pattern can be shifted to self-replicate in a more adaptive and positive direction.